Saturday, December 18, 2010


On 12/16/10 a little after 9:00 PM I was feeling rather down and decided to turn off the computer, but first I wanted to see if I had received any email. And I found this, I must say, thank you, thank you, thank you to this no name ignorant coward. It really woke me up; I was going to go to sleep but this note woke me up, thanks again. I’m going to let you normal readers read this note.

“Hi Ken, My name is ??? I’ve been purchasing your products of luck and had none for many years. So who is the BS in this scam, you or B.O? I’m glad Ignoramus spelled B.O’s name correctly. I love your views and they are on the money but come on now, “show me the money” please respond to my email over your million replies. We need to talk… “help me help you”. Yours truly, ????.

PS – I have your early edition book that is worth $142.00 dollars, according to you, more than what I’ve invested in your products. So lets step it up for the new year…. Email me, we need to talk.”

Right off the bat the coward tells us IT’s name is ???. Does this mean that IT does not know weather it is male or female or maybe a combo of both, which is really all right with me. Then IT goes on to say “So who is the BS in this scam, you or B.O.?” Then it throws out a few I feel sorry for my-self ears because ‘I have not won for many years boohoo-hoo-hoo. Then IT goes on to say, “show me the money”

When IT told us that IT has not won in many years, which tells us that IT is a natural born none-winner, some would say ‘looser’. I win $5.000.00 and more almost every year and show the checks to prove it.

Then IT tells us; “PS – I have your early edition book that is worth $142.00 dollars, according to you,” If IT was an intelligent player IT would have gone to and would have found that the old edition it is selling for $142.00 and more.

Hey ??? I enjoyed enlightening you. And for being such a nice ??? I’m going to give you a recent testimony from two clients.

Hi Ken, OMG!!!! Thank you for the 371!!!I finally hit with .50.50 tonight. I have not hit ANY numbers in 7 months until tonight. What a nice early Christmas gift. Plus today is my lucky day with a “Trigger” day which should’ve been more reason to play more $$$. But I’m happy with $290.00. Keep this up Ken!!!

Here is another quickie: Hello this is Oh Tmoney I didn’t look at this email in time to catch 565-St in new york yesterday but I did see that 371 in time to catch it STRAIGHT in NY 2nite I Just had to say THANKS UR the best.

ARIES: This week a quick turnover financially is possible. Buying and selling favored. 241, 7109.

TAURUS: Some of you will be anxious for your vacation and making detailed plans. 134, 0169.

GEMINI: This week it is best not to plan on asking a big favor of a subordinate while you are away. 139, 7709.

CANCER: Try very hard to be bedrock practical and to discourage any unrealistic relationship. 091, 0471.

LEO: You can gain recognition from an important person by a display of tact and ability. 471, 0019.

VIRGO: In talking to a younger subordinate, you’ll be unwise to be stern now. 414, 1169.

LIBRA: Reveal no secrets that are confided in you, keep the trust of someone who trusts you. 343, 0139.

SCORPIO: Be careful this week, there is a chance you will make a very superficial, wrong analysis. 247, 1134.

SAGITTARIUS: The higher-ups have their problems; realize it and you will avoid friction with them. 211, 3413.

CAPRICORN: This week go out even though feeling weary and you’ll regain lively spirits. 944, 7341.

AQUARIUS: Be on the job and your merit will gain its own reward without a struggle. 731, 1046.

PISCES: Let nothing disturb your plans to give a light refreshment type party this week. 294, 5791.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Obama Antichrist ???

I want to keep the record straight; there is a lot of miss information about President Barak Obama or BO for short. A lot or people are calling him the “Antichrist”. According to the Bible the ‘Antichrist’ is a dynamic being who will bring peace to the planet, he is able to heal the sick, raise the dead, and perform miracles before our eyes. This discription does not fit BO. Almost every one will follow the 'antichrist', except me and a few others will not follow him because we have inside information. So as you can see the ‘Antichrist’ is a dynamic devil like being.

Even I feel a little sorry for B-O; who ever named him gave him the right name. I recently saw a video discussing the fact that now they have discovered a great methane gas bubble along with the oil, which may explodes. When ever you are in a room and a methane bomb explodes the first thing you want to do is leave the room as fast as you can.

If that thing ever explodes it will be like the earth telling the people, this is what I think of you All. And it will be President BO’s legacies. Now let’s turn this lemon into some lemon-aid. Antichrist = 1, 5, 2, 9, 3, 8, 9, 9, 1, 2. Man that 152 gets into a lot of things; and then there is 529, 293, 938, 389, 899, 912, 121, and 215. 4-digits: 1529, 5293, 2938, 9389, 8991, 9912, 9121. You must admit these are some very serious numbers they seem to say “Just shot-up and do what you are told”.

Oh well we just as well party with these numbers coming from the ‘antichrist’ do I see big money with 15, 52, 29, 9, 38, 8, 9, 1, 12, 21, yes I see it just jump in and grab all you can. And when you hit that Jackpot, just moon walk all around your house, levitate and float around your room or where ever you are at the time.

ARIES: During this week try to keep cool. It is also a good time for travel and meeting new people. 152, 972, 4464, 1522,

TAURUS: This week be guarded in what you say to people who live in your vicinity; give no confidences. 529, 472, 8667, 5293

GEMINI: Your week can be more inspirational if you can walk around and meditate. 932, 123, 4884, 2938

CANCER: Your salary may look picayune to you this week. Just thinking about an increase in income won’t help. 938, 372, 6624, 9389

LEO: This week have your picture taken or get something new to wear. Break up the monotony. 389, 444, 7313, 8991

VIRGO: This week your evenings can be happy at a special meeting with a romantic companion. 899, 781, 0880, 9912

LIBRA: This is a very fine week for romance; you should have very pleasant evenings. 912, 446, 2664, 9912

SCORPIO: During this weekly cycle you could fall in love, but you must go slow. 121, 648, 6648, 8926

SAGITTARIUS: An unexpected call or message should cheer you up; get in the spirit of the fun. 169, 724, 7813, 4902

CAPRICORN: Avoid gossip, and you will find that everything goes alone well, especially with relatives. 639, 492, 9414, 3362

AQUARIUS: This week get all your tasks connected with the home done and then enjoy life. 179, 227, 3497, 8439

PISCES: This week you may go along with several others to a place new to you. 219, 434, 4723, 6873

Monday, April 26, 2010

Is President B.O. Putting More Foxes In Charge Of The Chicken Coup?

Many times I’m able to get winning numbers from words that come to public attention. Remember when the s-word hit the fan and it was revealed that it was the bankers who were the cause of all the financial problems that the country is going through at the present time. This past week Barak Obama’s friends the bankers, which in the word ‘bankers’ the numbers of the letters are exactly the same as the numbers in the word “Stealing”. Knowing this I think we have to forgive the bankers, for they know not what they do. In one degree or another many of them are sociopats, which is associated with a mental illiness or disorder of some kind. Oh no please tell me it's not so that President B.O. is giving them more power, while he is saying he is putting more restriction on them.

It’s been revealed that the President, I guess we can call him President B.O. has appointed many of some of the top crooks to high positions in making financial decision to supposedly take care of the citizens tax money. Now I’m hearing many people holding their nose and saying that they are sorry they voted for B.O.

However, I have to handed it to President B.O. he was accused of hanging out with terrorists trying to bring down the country. When that did not work he flip-flop and joined the criminals in banking corporations. If you are keeping up with what’s going on in the news you may be thinking that President B.O. has let the country step into a pile of the s-word, and things don’t smell very pleasant right now, epically if you are out of work.

Well I guess we’ll have to turn this lemon into lemon aid and get our winning numbers from words like “DODO”= 4,6,4,6 WOW now that’s a big one, we all know those numbers are a big money maker. Once an old lady sent me an email saying; every time she dreams of ‘dodo’ she hits a number. She takes it as a good sign, I guess we should too.

Hey here is another good one “CROOKS” we can play this one in the Mega and Power Ball games, let see we have 3, 18, 15, 15, 11, and 19. We can use that extra 15 as the extra wig-it number. One thing I can say for these bankers their ‘GREED’ = 7,9,5,5,4, has made a lot of people start to wake-up and that's good. Let’s not forget the bankers best friend “Lying” = 3, 7, 9, 5, 7 it’s a big money maker. Hey did you notice that ‘greed’ and lying both have that 795 in it, in fact ‘lying’ has it twice.

As one of the top Nazi’s used to say if you tell a lie long enough, people begin to believe it. I’m not going to get into who has been telling lies but if we take the letter ‘P’ in the word President and add it to B.O.; we have BOP = 267, that’s one of my favorite numbers, I knew there was something about President B.O. that I liked.
Some people say it’s good to have friends in high places but there are others who say it’s good to have crooks in high places.

ARIES: A decision may be reached regarding your personal status. Display your best side. 239, 845, 3261, 4157
TAURUS: This week your evenings can be given over to enjoyment with a large group of friends. 417, 059, 6105, 1751
GEMINI: Make this a week for as complete relaxation as possible. Read; relax, meditate. You used to be fun. 175, 447, 8057. 2361
CANCER: This week think about writing as many pomes as possible, your creative juices are flowing. 512, 441, 0047, 5721
LEO: Do not allow others to influence your thinking or forming of opinions; be independent. 121, 557, 0452, 5121
VIRGO: This week your relatives may ask for favors during your evenings. Accept brief inconvenience. 219, 491, 0052, 1941
LIBRA: News from distant places where friends dwell should prove exciting and stimulating. 194, 391, 0021, 9417
SCORPIO: Do not get emotional about matters that are not really your personal concern. 315, 791, 5791, 9613
SAGITTARIUS: When out this week an older friend may say something a little annoying, don’t let it get you down. 267, 992, 0392, 1934
CAPRICORN: Keep out of an argument at your place of work, and don’t let anyone draw you into it. 199, 792, 3374, 1346
AQUARIUS: This is a vital week for self-expression, for making a new start, for building a new foundation. 346, 509, 6612, 3469
PISCES: If you want to keep your evenings pleasant this week, don’t go to a big gathering. 047, 529, 0929, 7045

Sunday, March 14, 2010

South Dakota Police Admit Defeat Or Punk Out

On March 13, 2010 I saw this story on the internet. “Sergeant Jene Newsome says she "played by 'don't ask, don't tell," but police informed Air Force officials that she was a lesbian. I think the Police of South Dakota to ‘squeal’ to military officials that sergeant Jane Newsom is a lesbian was an admission of total defeat and a week attempt to get even with sergeant Newsome. Like jealous children, their reason for the outing of Jene was because she was eating all the goodies and not leaving any for them, as one of them was heard to say.

I think we will get our winning numbers from the name ‘Jene’ = 1555 oh wow look at all those 5’s, the number 5 represents, fun, games, and sex. Those police did not stand a chance against Jene, so they had to get rid of her. The numbers are 155, 555, 551, 515 our 4-digit numbers are 1555, 5551, 5515, and 5155. Ok, now lets see what we get from the word “eating” = 512957 I like these numbers right off the bat, bang. We have 521, which hit over 23 times in February, 129, which has already hit over 5 times and 295, 957, 575, and 751. I think these are some delicious numbers, what do you think?

A lot of people have been asking me when I am going to participate in another Psychic Fair here in NYC. Well your wish has been granted. I’ll be at a fund raiser for the A.R.E. Center on March 20, 2010, from 12 noon to 6: pm. It is located at 241 West 30th St, 2nd Floor, Buzz 102. I’ll be taking ‘Kirlian Photos of the energy or aura that emanates from your fingertips. For more than 30 years I’ve been photographing auras and telling people what I see and about the numbers that appear. The first time I ever won $5,000.00 was from numbers that I saw in a photo. On another occasion I won $10,000.00 on numbers that appeared in a gentleman’s photograph and it came out that very night. Right about now I bet you can use some extra do-ra-me, so I expect to see you at the psychic fair, there will also be Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Spiritualist, Acupuncture, healers and others. Information: 1-212-691-7690

A 15 minute “Kirlian” photo reading cost $40.00 and you are allowed to tape-record the reading. A Kirlian photograph is something quite magical with the “K”. It gives you a look into another dimension of yourself. It gives you a look at a magical, with a “K”, aspect of yourself. It is my understanding that the word ‘magical when spelled with a “k” means, what you are talking about is not magical as in a trick, but as something that is achieved by the use of thought. A ‘Kirlian’ photo evokes thought because it is an electrical portrait of yourself of who you really are, no if ands or buts, about it. We live in a holographic universe, which means that each one of us live or exist on an infinite number of levels. If you don’t know what “Holography” is, then it will be in your best interest is find out something about what it is. Because it reveals a truth about whom we are and what we are. Great masters are said to be seen at times in more than one location at the same time. A ‘Kirlian’ photo is a snap shot of one of your invisible realities in another dimension. It’s like peeping behind the veil.

Remember: You are your pots of Gold at both ends of the Rainbow.

ARIES: Make it a point of being kind to a friend who needs your comforting words. 237, 157, 5144, 8509

TAURUS: Your evenings will be good, may bring the romance you’ve been waiting for a long time. 761, 146, 2348, 5392

GEMINI: Home may detain you from a shopping trip, but try to get out and buy something for the wardrobe. 215, 400, 1444, 8964

CANCER: During this weekly cycle your evenings can be especially glamorous in a new way. 379, 109, 2901, 4771

LEO: You will be happiest this week if you linger with the family and have a quiet time. 471, 197, 2737, 5143

VIRGO: If you’re alone this week have dinner out in a new place. If a romance is in progress, enjoy it. 333, 273, 4127, 3212

LIBRA: During this weekly cycle, an early start will bring rewards. Be industrious, avoid frivolity. 262, 147, 2158, 4863

SCORPIO: Selfishness can ruin the day. Avoid indulging in passing desires and try to be considerate. 910, 914, 0113, 4772

SAGITTARIUS: During this week, you may do something that will be daring and you will never forget it. 301,171. 6015, 4471

CAPRICORN: This week you may be romantically fascinated by a stranger who comes into your life suddenly. 282, 311, 3194, 7342

AQUARIUS: During this weekly cycle, influences can strongly favor you for a promotion, pay increase. 726, 165, 3151, 0704

PISCES: A cycle in which strife with an associate must be kept at a low and understanding used to the limit. 415, 245, 4165, 1315

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Free Biorhythm Chart For Every One

I see that a lot of people have taken advantage of my offer to send you a free personalized Biorhythm chart upon your request. This is a good sign, which shows that people are growing mentally and spiritually. It indicates that people are helping themselves by learning to improve their knowledge of what are the conditions under which people tend to win or win every now and then.
I’ve decided to extend the free personalized biorhythm chart at least to the end of January. If you would like to take advantage of this free offer; send me your date of birth and your email address, I will also tell you what your lucky day numbers are and send you a beautiful in color biorhythm chart in your email. My email address is ( ).
According to my biorhythm chart for January there are 7 days that are best for me to play on. You can bet your last dollar that I’m going to take the advice that my bio-chart is offering me; I don’t have money to waste.
Since New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided he did not have to follow any F-en rules (the rules are for the peasants) governing how many terms a person could serve as Mayor because he has an Napoleonic complex to become dictator of New York. Since he was sworn in from his dastardly deed, J I know that his name must contain a gold mine of winning numbers for those of us still waiting for our bail out. I think I’ll just use his first name Michael = 4938153, in fact many of the people that have won Jackpots have been named; Mitch, Mike, Michael etc. Man there are some good looking numbers here. Lets start with 493, 938, 381, 815, 153, 534, and 349 one more time. We can move on to 4938, 9381, 3815, 8153, 1534, 5349, 3493.
Hey this just came to me, to maximize our chances of winning, I looked at Bloomy’s Biorhythm cycles. His lucky numbered ‘trigger’ days are the 15th, 23rd and 24th of January. Good luck peasants :-).

ARIES: Do not be miserly in any way or regret spending to make another happy. 468, 347, 8676, 7430

TAURUS: You may hear wonderful news from some distant point. Share your happiness with others. 269, 214, 0717, 4879

GEMINI: This week you will reap rewards of serene well being and happy peaceful evenings. 234, 867, 1650, 4921

CANCER: Something that happens this week can be of a mystical or psychic nature. You will discern a pattern. 190, 165, 4165, 0027

LEO: You may find that there is a pattern that furthers your belief in the intangible, and the unseen. 628, 416, 0771, 9023

VIRGO: Do something to keep the record straight about your views. You may have to correct something. 934, 717, 0245, 1426

LIBRA: Attend your religious organization and ask for divine guidance to help you solve a problem. 648, 245, 3194, 2657

SCORPIO: You may have a family problem that distresses you. You should ask for help about it. 251, 409, 4190, 4695

SAGITTARIUS: Your best activity this week is working on a budget that will keep you in the black rather than red. 564, 419, 0125, 0Q38

CAPRICORN: You may learn a secret that helps you financially. Keep this information to yourself. 432, 499, 2158, 7356

AQUARIUS: A good week for making new friends. You should go to places where people gather. 791, 793, 6015, 3736

PISCES: This is an excellent career week. See all the people who can help promote your ambitions. 479, 743, 3151, 7731

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